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Imperial Court Radiant Chestnut 5 PC Bedroom Set



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The biggest Santa Claus in the world

5ylwgdvuThe Santa Claus of 15,6 meters height and 11 meters in width had been decorating the entrance of the shopping center Tanglin Mall from the November 10, 1996 till the January 3, 1997 in Singapore. The Santa Claus record holder was of 2,5 tons in weight and was made from foam plastic and metal.

  • The biggest Christmass tocking

The biggest and the longest Christmas stocking 32,56 meters length and 14,97 meters width (from heels to first finger) was made by the Children’s Society in London in December 14, 2007.

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Amazing bedroom views

Bon jour, my dear reader! As you’ve guessed from the title of the post today we are going to discuss the importance of views from our bedrooms! Many people while buying a real estate don’t make account of the bedroom and windows’ location as they believe that they don’t have enough time after long hard working day to pay attention to the views beyond their windows! Most people stop their scrupulous searches on only beds for their bedrooms! But this is fallacious delusion! The most inspiring and cheerful what could happen in the morning is the beautiful view from the window! It can be sunrise or awakening of the bustling city or it can be just the rote with dawn chorus! It is amazing isn’t it!? And believe me it is even better than a cup of cheering up coffee! I’ve found the most fabulous views from a bedroom and have placed them in pictures below! Admire! Oh, I’d like to have one of these bedrooms and enjoy life!

Bedroom view is really important and you should look for the best ones! Some people prefer beachfront properties so that is why they need to concentrate on a nice panoramic view of the beach and the shore. Moreover having such kind of property is very profitable because as a rule the prices for estates in the beachfront have a tendency to rise or at least not to fall! It can be nice investments into the future!

If a city is an integral part of your life and it inspires you with its fuss, sounds and infinite sources of night lights then your life is destined to be in a city apartment with a splendid city view from a big window! Making a acquisition of a real estate you are to buy a huge apartment or even a midsize apartment in the high rise building from where you can get a nice view of the downtown area.

You can also make a choice for an apartment from where a startling view on mountains and bridge is open!

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Perfect headboard for studio apartments

Dear reader, I’ve liked the DIY projects so much that now I’d like to share with you one more creative and unique headboard design! The desire which urges me on continuation of the previous topic is validated by the simple construction of the headboard which could be created by almost everyone. So, if you please, I’d like to share with you some interesting tips of the headboard creation. The technology is simple: take 1-1/2-inch MDF pieces and secure them to two strips of iron. The exceptional feature of the headboard is that it extends all the way to the ceiling thus creating a visual interest in the studio apartment! And that is all! Nothing more you need do in order to get original headboard and enjoy sleeping! Very stylish, modern and urban! May be you’ve your own ideas which you’d like to share with me and other readers? If yes, then I’m gladly ready to get them and we can continue our discussion further!

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DIY headboard ideas

Hi, dear reader! This is my regular post but unlike usual ways of ideas’ description it will be very original! Why? It is reasonable question, because probably you are already sated with my often stories about the beauty and perfection of something creative and unusual! I’ve decided that this way of information dessimination is all right but boring! That is why this time everything will take its unique way! May be you’ve faced with such concept or term in the world web as DIY projects or DIY ideas! To be frankly I’ve known what it is comparatively recently and I’ve interested in this segment. The term itself doesn’t complex as it is just the abbreviation of three simple English words: Do It Yourself (DIY). But I’ve begun to quest for projects ever conducted under this way and consequently spread out through the internet. For sure I’ve easily found such projects and I’ve been learning how ordinary people as you and me with the help of their fantasy, imagination, skillfulness and with minimum amount of materials create fantastic and fabulous things! Moreover these people are not professionals; they just don’t afraid to think out of the box and unleash their imagination. Do you know what make these people do such creative designs? Their curiosity and desire to improve the place they live in. Moreover they are sure that the things they do are unique and there is the similar one nowhere in the world! And of course as you’ve guessed such kind projects cost cheap enough in compare with exquisite things from shops!

I’ve found wonderful DIY projects. Let’s take for example a headboard made of salvaged materials!

The project is made from waste materials and to be more precise from a burn pile. The core element of the headboard is an old door crowned with a vintage gate. A little bit of imagination and a spray of paint has let this item to become beautiful and noble crown for a king-sized bed.

This way the DIY projects find their amateurs all over the world! Would you like to become one of them?

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Hi – tech beds

Hi, dear readers! Today I’d like to share with you very unusual bed designs you could ever see! The object of our discussion is Hi Can Bed! I think it is necessary to say some words about its origin! The bed was designed by the Italian designer Edoardo Carlino. The bed presents the striking combination of “technology and luxury, equipped with appliances of latest technology to surf the web, watch movies, play games, and listen to music all from the comfort of your bed”.

Look at this bed! It is a real hi-tech furniture innovation! I think it resembles the futuristic machine travelling through the space! The key elements of the bed are: projector, a sound system, a projection screen and a DVD player. Thus you have home theatre in your bed! It was first presented at the Well Tech Village in Milan and Milan Design Week 2009. The bed features the Xbox 360 gaming console and inbuilt lightning and high fidelity sound system. Of course the price of the bed is transcendental as it exceeds 50 thousands US dollars, but the question is whether it worth the cost! I need to discuss it with you as it is interesting how many people are ready to pay such cost for luxury!!!

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INO Leone Kitchen Collection by Toyo

Everybody knows that cooking is an art and in order to obtain wonderful dishes you first have to have an upscale, fully equipped kitchen. Today’s inspired work is the INO Leone artsy kitchen designed by Toyo Kitchens & Living products.

This beautiful kitchen presents a countertop, cook top, range hood, bar stools and cabinets for storage, all these lovely elements capture the essence of cooking with love. This wonderful collection has a balanced T-shaped form that provides symmetry and stability for the look of your kitchen.

A great feature is the winged lion emblem. It represents the protection of the family that will gather around the kitchen. Moreover, if you look closely you will see the letters t-o-y-o represented by its shape. Another great feature is quality which is very important, so this collection embraces a great design into a functional quality kitchen.

The design of the kitchen is very modern, stylish and functional. Furthermore you can find it in two different models: Smoke and Zebra Bianco L. These two will take your kitchen to another level and will be the focal point of the entire house.

The INO Leone Collection is a highly functional, high tech and high style kitchen. If your kitchen is hungry for an update this collection is the perfect solution for you.

Toyo Kitchens are well known for the most stylish and luxurious kitchen designs. The Japanese company has wooed its customers not just in Tokyo but also in London. The designers pay attention to every minute detail giving its customers only the best. The Toyo Kitchens experience and understanding of the modern world can be attributed to the success of their designs.


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Corner Chair by Anton Björsing

If you have flair for unusual things and love to collect items that bring an element of spunk to your home decor, then this round-the-corner chair can be your piece de resistance. The unique and elegant chair has been designed by Anton Björsing and can instantly add a zing to your home decor. It is all about making use of neglected space and getting the most out of the minimal.

Björsing has named this creation as Hörnstol which has been especially designed to highlight the corner space of a room. The chair is not an ordinary piece of furniture but something that can accentuate the beauty of your living room. It can be occupied by two people at once, and even though the idea isn’t too practical, the chair in itself is no less than a visual delight.

Today’s inspired design is an amazing looking chair that bends right around the corner. It surely isn’t a common chair but it takes advantage of any corner, giving a definite complexity to spaces usually left empty. The chair is made out of two parts connected with each other. The design is very simple and basic, but with a twist that sets it apart from other pieces of furniture. Moreover it could work in any cornered hallway or, to make things more interesting, on the corner of a more open room such as the living room of your house.

The chair comes in wooden black color and hence it can be matched with all kinds of other furniture. The design of the chair gives it a very contemporary look and can bring a charm to the erstwhile neglected and secluded corner of your living room.

The chair is a new concept and deserves appreciation for its sheer uniqueness and beauty. It can be real fun for your kids who share the same room. They can use the chair for some role-playing games facing different directions and can have their own space in that sense. Björsing certainly deserves a pat on back for creating something new and out of the box.

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Sofas by Ivini

Sofa is not only what you can place in the room. You can place a beautiful couch for relaxing outdoors. One of the beautiful sofa options that you can have is sofas that have number shape that created by a famous sofa’s designer, Ivini. This sofa comes with an unique shape and look nice when placed on the patio or porch of your home. Although it looks unique, not reduce comfort. Placing a sofa to give you comfort when chatting outside the room to enjoy the atmosphere such as parks, swimming pools, or the silhouette of the horizon in the afternoon. In the presence of this sofa you can break for a while to loosen the nerves and get the freshness of relaxation. In order to remain durable despite couch outside the room, there are a few tips you can follow. Place the sofa in areas not exposed to direct sunlight and protected from the rain. You also can choose a leather sofa that has been coated with anti-UV. This is to prevent the sofa become discolored, moldy, and damaged upholstery material. Ivini work to complete the collection of beautiful furniture in your house. Do not forget to take care of the couch so durable and still look charming on your porch or patio.

Ivini is an innovative and professional manufacturer of outdoor furniture located in China. The foundation of Tovin are outstanding workmanship and new designs. The products from Tovin are also combined with quality and reasonable prices. Clarity of vision has guaranteed high growth rate of Tovin. They are always focused on being the reliable source for outdoor furniture and customer service. Reliability and excellent service for the customers are the company’s guidelines.

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