Interior of the bedroom have the special part: guests do not drop in often but hosts come back here every evening to have rest from day worries falling asleep.  This is the reason why everything in the bedroom should be full of peace and solitude, pleasing to the eye and dispose to full-fledged rest.

Traditionally bedroom occupies one of the far and calm places of the apartment. It is wonderful if the bedroom is projected with the separate bathroom assigned only for the hosts of the bedroom.

The classic bedroom assumes the room of correct and proportional form. The modern style concedes different lines and forms. The future furnishing of the placements depends on this.

The main element in the land of Nod is a bed. If you choose a wide bed, its head is usually moved up close to the wall. But it is also possible to place the bed far from walls creating some kind of “sleeping island”. Such dislocation of sleeping place gives the additional scope for decorative fantasies. The good style decision is to put the bed into the niche which can be designated with the contrasting decoration work relative to other interior, outlined with picturesque contour or curtained off with an effective textile – in this case it will turn into secret and cozy alcove.

In the modern interior the bed is sometimes placed on the podium, sometimes even with several steps where the volume elastic mattress is located.

One more way to zone the place for sleeping is to make an entresol and place the bed on the second level. As a result we will have an additional area for organizing the working place or making a wardrobe.

By the way, the place for keeping clothes is one of the main elements of bedroom. Even if there is an opportunity to make a separate cloakroom it is better if it is adjoining with the room for sleeping. Small cloakroom can be divided from bedroom with the hard mobile partition. Perhaps it is worth provided place for built-in closet which will be more functional.

Bedroom is a very personal room and it is very important psychologically that it corresponds with your spirit as much as possible. This is first what you see in the morning, your first day emotions and impressions.

Choosing the color of your bedroom, you should first of all decide whether it will be cold or warm gamut. It is very comfortable to use such natural materials and textures in your bedroom as sisal, arrowroot and rattan. The great part is assigned to the textile decoration – curtains and bedspread. Choose such combination of colors which emphasize color and finish of the walls.

In any case to give you real pleasure your bedroom should be comfortable and cozy and the materials which you choose for it should be lightfast, ecological, and beautiful.