Sooner or later we all begin to think about changing the interior of our apartments into something new, uncommon and cozy. Everyone wants to achieve originality and uniqueness of furniture. Wallpapers can help in this. Modern technologies allow pleasing any requirements, changing the monotony in appearance of your apartment.

Modern wallpapers corresponds wonderful pictures with saturated colors and clearness of image. Owing to the wallpapers it is possible to decrease or enlarge the size of the placement visually. As is known, the warm shades decrease the placement visually and on the contrary, the cold ones enlarge it. We also can create wallpapers ourselves, according to our taste; it is enough to take a picture and order its print.

The distinctive features of the wallpapers are the saturation and stableness of colors, infinity of assortment and long time of using.

For placing the wallpapers correctly, it is necessary to think over the interior very detailed. Do not be afraid of using wallpapers in the design of interior, because the rooms with the small amount of furniture need bright and loud colors in appearance. This will smooth over the emptiness of big room and hide the minimalism of furniture in interior.

It is not recommended to portray people on the wallpapers because it may excite the feeling of discomfort.

It is necessary to remember that the wallpapers cannot absolutely replace the common papers, they just become the necessary interlink while formatting the design and add the certain “special appeal”.

There are wallpapers with both glossy and mat surface. Some producers coat the wallpapers with the special structure, protective film, for extension their using.

Wallpapers are printed as an entire sheet and when it has bigger size it is cut on the pieces of equal size.