The hand-made carpet is an irreplaceable element of not only ethnic style but also any other one. Than could be both Persian carpet with refined floristic ornament and Turkmen carpet with geometrical drawing – it can join absolutely different elements of furniture and décor, harmonize them and give the room the new energy.

The designers mark out several important rules which it is necessary to follow if you are going to decorate your house with the hand-made East carpet.
The carpet of middle size – from 1х1,5 m to 2х3 m can be an independent element of the décor of the room, mark out its determined zone. It is also possible to put a small table on it.
The big carpet which size is from 2,5х3 m and more is already able to form the appearance of the room in general.

On the contrary, small rugs are ideal for decorating separate “points” of the room – for example the space in front of the fireplace, in front of the bed, where they give the “surge” of color and warmness.

In spite of the size of the carpet which you put in the room, imagine all possible variants of placing people on the sofas, chairs and armchairs and place the carpet the way that the sitting guest has both legs on it.

It is quite accessible to have more than one carpet in the living room.

If you are going to lay the carpet in the dining room, choose it the way that both front and back legs of the chairs stand on it. The important condition in the situation when the determined part of the carpet is under the furniture is the absence of subject ornament, fierce center of the pattern (without medallion). In this respect the Afghan and Turkmen carpets with character geometrical pattern or rhythmical vegetable ornament are ideal.

In the living room it is best of all to put the carpet of middle size in front of the sofa or under the coffee table.

In the hall the carpet of maximum durability is desirable. It is best of all to put here the carpet with wool pile (without silk) on the cotton base (it is firm and to not lose form).

In the bedroom it is possible to use either several carpets of middle size, – the carpet at the foot of the bed and two more on its both sides, or one big carpet which part will be under the bed. Such variant is the most actual and modern because the interior of the bedroom gets more integrity, style and softness, coziness and comfort.

The color of chosen carpet can be a starting point for designer conceptions of color and style gamut of the room. The curtains, wallpapers and even the furniture can be chosen in key with the carpet. If you decided to create the ethnic interior in the placement, it is possible to experiment with the elements of décor of different countries and styles. For example, the traditional Turkmen carpet will harmonically blend with the ethnic interior dignified in Moroccan style making so called “multiethnic chic”.

So don’t be afraid to experiment creating your own unique interior.