Maybe modular furniture does not come into fashion yet but it already makes think a lot. For example, it is possible to change the bored interior in the twinkling of an eye and economize significantly. The Vuzzle armchair which takes shape of 59 pillows of uncommon form is brought to your attention today.

Maybe your remember that the Japanese have one very fascinating game when it is necessary to build the tower of the stones of different size, weight and awkward shape by finding the center of gravity and this way keeping equilibrium. The pillows of which it is necessary to assemble the Vuzzle armchair look like these stones for Japanese game “Dzen”. And not a tower but furniture is built of them.

Initially the Vuzzle looks like a big black cube but when you take out 13 pillows from it, the cube turns into the armchair. And the pillows which do not take part in the process can be used for other purposes: assemble of them the stand for notebook if you want to work while sitting on the floor or a small pouffe.

One may not understand how these pillows are kept together and not tumble down when the person sits in the armchair but the designer does not explain this nuance. So let’s hope that his is some author’s know-how.

The author of armchair-construction set is a Chinese designer Christopher Daniel. The project will come into the market in several color decisions: black-red called Vuzzle Bloody Mary, black-white Vuzzle Milk and coal-black Vuzzle.