In the organization of home library it is possible to be guided with the simplest decision: place all books in the outmoded wall unit or put on the racks along the walls. But first it is boring and second it assumes not very rational usage of living space: and do many of us have the superfluous living area to use it so wastefully? Here you can find several fresh and bright ideas for organizing home library according to the last fashionable trends in design.

1. Through bookstand without back wall is possible to be used for division of space. By the instrumentality of it the big room can be divided into two functional spaces: for example fence off the place for mini cabinet or just create the place for rest in the rocking chair behind the cozy book shelves.

2. If there is an attic at your house, it is possible to make a low bookstand which as though encircles the placement. You get the original book socle which height is about up to the waist of an adult person on the upper shelf of which it is possible to place different decorative elements: candlesticks and souvenirs.

3. Any bookstand is possible to be lightened visually making the shelves of firm glass. This is especially suitable for the placement which design has the elements of high-tech ideology. Light, invisible, transparent shelves look like they leave your books hanging in the space.

4. In the standard city apartment it is possible to organize the bookcase around the window. The space under the windowsill as a rule is busy with battery or empty. It can be wonderfully “improved” with making a bookstand which as though encircles the window and goes down to the floor.

5. Make your bedroom to be clever: the back wall of the bed can successfully become the base for low bookcase. We kill two birds with one stone: economize the space and make your favorite books be always at your fingertips, even at night.

6. If there are low ceiling in your apartment, you can visually pull them out, placing the modular bookcase with narrow and high cells along one of the walls.

7. Corner apartment with the cold room: you can easily cover the “problem” wall with the bookstand with back wall. That creates very effective heat-insulating layer. In this case the books are necessary to be placed with the solid rows.

8. Do not forget about the point spotlights of your bookstand: however it looks and wherever it is situated, cozy luminescent lamps with soft white light as the accentual illumination of one or another folio will add mysteriousness and coziness to your interior.