Corners – corner sofas the construction of which consists of several elements. This is very fashionable and modern kind of furniture. If you put the elegant and comfortable corner to your living room, you will feel immediately how cozy it would become at home.

The form of so complicated sofa can be various: corner with the sides of the same or different length, letter “П” or some other figure which hardly defy description.

You can think out yourself the form of the corner and order it at the fabric-producer or in the furniture salon and you can purchase one of the ready models.

However the form of the corner can be any, everything depends only on your fantasy. Here are some possible variations on this subject:

Having several variants of basic elements (about 25) the producers offer many various variants of bundling of the corners (about 200). Besides this while choosing the corner sofa for your living room, take into account in which corner exactly you would like to put it: in right or left one. On this depends the “right” or “left” type of construction.

The corner usually correspond the one indivisible entire thing. However in some cases its component parts can be used themselves as the separate furniture elements and they can be moved to any edge of the placement. Especially interesting and multifunctional are the “mobile” models of corner sofas the elements of which have the roller or castor supports.

The corner sofas are often equipped with the mechanism of transformation: “French folding bed”, “dolphin” or roll-out ones. In the case the sofa turns into the huge sleeping place for the night time. The upholstery of the corner can be textile or leather.

The stuff of the corner sofa can be various materials: foam-rubber, synthepon, polyurethane and others. The spring blocks can also be used in the filling of sofa for more firmness and durability of construction. The exclusive models of corner sofas can be equipped with the built-in bar and the corner element of the sofa can have no upholstery and correspond the small comfortable coffee table.

The corner sofa can have elbow-rests and head-rests in different places of it. The bright beautiful pillows are often included in the set and give the sofa and all living room smart festive appearance.