The Italians surely feel the lack of East coloring, and maybe they are also attracted with the refined charming of Japanese esthetic with its rolls, kimono and bonsai. Therefore the new project of famous Italian company Myyour is called Bonsai lamp and should look like that small Japanese tree in the flowerpot which brings happiness and harmony to your home according to fen-shui.

But if the green lamp really looks like the branchy tree with big crown the lightings of other colors can be recognized as flat sea stones put one on other as in the popular Japanese game in stones where its is necessary to build rolls and towers keeping the balance.

The lamp lights with pleasant non-bright light which the light diodes radiate and can beautify both bedside-table and desk. The device is accumulator-operated and there is no much problem to move it from one place to another.

The designers from Myyour could create maybe not the lighting bonsai but for sure something nice and original. Anyway such Bonsai lamp will look effective in the interior attracting interested looks of the guests. It is known that the lightings of green, white and violet colors will come into the market.