All over the world the production of forged iron get more and more popularity owing to the special art style, rich fantasy, ornamental décor, professional design and high technique of performance.

First forged productions were used for creating exteriors of outside constructions or in landscape design. But after estimating their firmness and durability together with wonderful esthetic qualities, the masters of art forging began to make furniture.

The forged furniture is the elements of special individual style. The unique author’s style of any master is based on one of the main styles. The dominate style is classic one: the simplicity and strictness, straight forms and delicate decisions. The baroque (capricious variety, complicated and curved forms) and gothic (mysterious symbols and allegories, adding of colorful glasses, high and narrow forms) are very popular. Among the present styles it is possible to mark out modern, techno and hi-tech – the styles which do not require decorative luxuries.

The “heaviness” of forged furniture is nothing else than a myth: the metal constructions are light and refined and will not overload the space of your interior at all.

The only minus of forged furniture is “coldness” of metal. But this problem is easily settled with adding of wood, glass or even wicker details. There is also plenty of soft mattresses and pillows, beautiful bed-clothes, light half-transparent canopies wonderfully supplementing forged beds, sofas and chairs.

The richness of choice in assortment of forged furniture is unlimited: beds, sofas, chairs and stools, tables and coffee-tables with glass and wood table tops, benches, cupboards, couches, frames for mirrors, racks, standard lamps, bookstands and whatnots.

The forged furniture has the characteristic to keep the ideal appearance for a long time not spoiling and continues to look expensive, stylish and luxurious. This concern also to such elements of home decoration as fire screen, window guards, railings, settings in the furniture or room doors. Any such detail will be appropriate both in the apartments and big private houses. The lightings of all kinds, door accessories, statuettes and figures can be forged. All these will bring the special zest to your interior will become the sign of taste and stylishness.

Usage of forged furniture is the surest, modern and stylish decision choosing the design of interior. The admiring looks of your friends will only confirm this undeniable fact when you will proudly show them your house….