Furniture like the whole interior in the apartment should meet three cases: aesthetics, comfort and practicalness. Perhaps the interesting chair by American designer Stefan Sagmeister corresponds to all three principles.

Darwin Chair consists of two elements: hard base and 200 sheets-coverings on any of which depicts the history of evolution, subjects from lives of plants, animals, and people.

The base for covering is Tyvek – nonwoven material with good characteristics. It is steadfast to influences of environment, keeps warmness and breathes. When one of layers is spoilt, becomes dirty or just stops blending with interior, it is possible to turn it showing to the world new clean beautiful with next original subject.

“Darwin Chair” was created by the author especially for the Dutch company of designer furniture Droog. The studio Joris Laarman will start its production. Darwin Chair will be presented for the first time on the exhibition of design in Miamy which will be held on June 15-19.