So you purchased the best acoustic systems, booster and CD-player in the world. Perhaps you even secured your precious equipment against electric jumps and got the antistatic napkins. But do you have the special armchair for listening to the music? Not likely… Sweetspot Ballerina is the luxurious creator of Sweden designers Jonas Rylander and Michael Hollesen from Klutz Design company.

This audio throne is equipped with head-rest of only 13 cm width. It means that it does not close the ears and allow enjoying all shades of sounding. Besides this it is easy to regulate the height of head-rest for any concrete person: the small neodymium magnets are used for fixing which can be moved to any height. Practically it is possible to change the form of armchair any way and for fixation of ideal configuration the special screw-nut is provided.

The legs of armchair are made of aluminum. The length of support of every leg with the floor is 5 cm and owing to that the undesirable vibration passed through the floor reduces significantly. The elbow-rests have the special niches where it is possible to keep the remote controller.

Sweetspot Ballerina is the  advanced technology audio gadget and at the same time the incredibly comfortable armchair. It is equipped with very firm fiberglass frame of 5 mm width and owing to the leather pillows has the luxurious look. The is a layer of gummed horsehair under each pillow which provides the optimal amortization usually peculiar to the expensive sofas. Above the horsehair the layer of special foam (polyurethane with increased tenacity worked out by NASA) is situated which is capable to “remember” the form of the body.

In spite of the fact that the armchair Sweetspot Ballerina is made in the same country where the IKEA company was born, it is the good of limited edition and costs about $8000.