Rocking chair is a fantastic and surprising type of furniture. From thousands of inventions for domestic comfort the appearance of rocking chair is perhaps the most significant. After spending the whole day on the legs you are very tired, you want to have rest, take off your shoes, take the favorite book and sit near the fire place rocking forward and backward. So what can be better than rocking chair?

The truth story of appearing rocking chair is unknown. According to one sources it was made for the first time in Vienna in 1860 in the studio of famous master Michael Tonet who worked and experimented a lot with bent wood.

According to other dates it was invented by resident of England Benjamin Franklin in about 1700s though someone assumes that he was just his first owner and initially the chair served as an element of outdoor furniture. In 1800s the rocking chair began to be produced by the furniture companies. In XIX-XX century the rocking chairs became one of the most favorite elements of furniture of literary men, artists and other representatives of bohemia.

The rocking chairs should be made to provide the even rocking and prevent the overthrow of the chair. The back of the chair should provide the comfortable position to your spine. Usually the pillows are put to such chairs. It is best of all to use wood and willow for making rocking chairs. Bamboo, reed, rattan, alga, metal and plastic are also among the materials which the rocking chairs can be made of.

The modern producers offer various models of rocking chairs, rocking sofas for several people and the mobile demountable constructions.

The scientists proved that rocking in the chair helps to learn information better; it also stirs up the immune system, helps work of heart and gastrointestinal tract. Even seeing the rocking chair in your dream is a good sign. But first of all rocking chair is an uncommon element of any interior and a wonderful place for relaxing and having rest.