Bed is the whole world for your baby who spends almost all his time on the soft mattress surrounded with toys and rattles. The bed should be not only safe but also attractive. It is important that the bed decorates the children interior creating the pleasant atmosphere in the room.

Today there are a lot of innovative materials used in the production of children furniture. But taking care about ecological compatibility of the bed it is best of all to keep the classic standards and choose furniture of natural wood. The beds made of beech, birch, rattan, oak and even redwood are always in demand. This material has shown itself to good advantage long ago. The metal or plastic fastenings should be situated in places difficult to access.

It is a recent fashionable trend to make the beds with transparent frame and sides. It seems that the baby lies on the mattress hanging in the air. However children often feel discomfort in such beds and they cannot develop the motor function of hands because they do not see partitions and rods to stretch to them.

The beds for babies differ by shapes and functions. There are classic kinds of furniture with one or two sides which can be thrown back if it is necessary. There are transforming beds which can be turned into beds for children of kinder garden or school age. Beds with canopy distinguish with rectangular or round shapes and interesting curtains which close the bed from strange eyes.

The atmosphere in which the babyhood passes is very important. The bed in blue, pink, sand shades influences good on the emotional condition of baby. It does not bother and stimulates the activity of brain and other processes. The baby feels more comfortable because the room looks cozier from the bed, especially if the parents took care about the proper soft lighting making the room more sympathetic.