More and more talented people of the designer world are inspired with simple but fascinating game Tetris for new projects. These are flowerpots, soap, dishes but in the most cases this is of course Tetris-furniture.

Designer GaenKoh, the author of the set of merry furniture for home TAT-Tris, supposes to win the child and teenager audience with his project. Therefore the blocks which the furniture is made of are so bright and light. But as it usually happens the adult people do not mind remembering childhood and have fun with the useful at home constructor either so the target group is automatically extended. So everything is quite simple here. TAT-Tris is the mass of various figures which we know owing to the classic game which can be assembled in sofas and armchairs, beds and padded stools. At the same time they serve like the pillows-toys which can be used without worries about omnipresent feathers.

Young design-studio ElectricLemonade presented the world its project Tetris blocks. If you wish it can be used like the decoration of interior but you will surely find more adequate using for all these blocks. First of all this project will be interesting to the growing generation. The blocks and other colorful figures are made of fleece textile stretched on the plastic skeleton therefore they can be both fascinating toy and furniture for children room and decoration of interior.

The real fans of Tetris will obligatory like the new product by the collective of designers “Cocoon”. This is the creative furniture called “Oi sofa”. Though the word “sofa” configures in the name owing to the original construction it is possible to assemble incredible elements of furniture of it. The covers of cubes can be easily taken off and changed to more suitable. The covers can be colorful to make your furniture more individual and creative.