Everything new is well-forgotten old, including the chests. The first chests appeared in XVII century and until the recent time the chests stood only in grandmothers’ rooms and were associated with antiquities. The fashion is coming back and now the chests become even more popular than before.

The chests do not take much place but very practical and functional. The main difference which the chest had if compared with other furniture is the pull-out cases which make the chests to be so capacious. Some people do not use such variant of furniture supposing that the chests are intended only for bedroom.

The chest is the cupboard with pull-out cases which are situated one above other; if translated from French “chest” means “comfortable”. The chests can have very different sizes and forms but one their quality – extraordinary practicality – remains for all times. The chest can serve for a long time without loosing its functional and aesthetic qualities. If you want to have the ideal order at your home it is possible to achieve this only putting all things on their places. The capacious chest can provide place for any thing. The chest now becomes the indispensable element of interior for any house, apartment or country house. Numerous of cases will help to train your children to the order; now every member of your family will have his own case!

The history of chests numbers not one dozen of years. It is considered that the trunk is its ancestor. Only in XVII century so-called credenca appeared which corresponded low cupboard with two doors and pull-out case. After that the chest appeared which is usual for our conception.

Today the classic model of chest corresponds as a base or legs, table-top, cases and accessories. However the designers find the methods to verify this simple set of components of chest. First of all the modern chests are not standard with the construction of given sizes. Today the producers offer not only various variants of width, depth and height for one model or even to rearrange the model yourself.

The chest is very comfortable in using. It has several advantages against the traditional cupboards. First of all it is quite compact and small legs can make it lighter and more refined. Besides that because of pull-pot cases it is possible to use the inner space of the chest completely. Even its table-top will be filled: the frames with the pictures and various knick-knacks will look well on it.