Irish designer self-taught Joseph Walsh considers that there is no more ecological, more obedient, more fertile material than wood. In his hands the pieces of wood become flexible like paper and obedient like plasticine and firm like bone. The example t this is the bed Enignum Canopy Bed which looks more like the masterpiece than like the element of home furniture.

The bed with canopy is a part of wood collection of furniture Formations which designer prepares for demonstration. Enignum Canopy Bed is not only ecologically clean bed made of natural wood, it also corresponds the connection between human and nature. People has never lived under the open sky and always looked for the roof above there head or contrived it themselves. Therefore Enignum Canopy Bed is that airy like spring clouds canopy, Joseph Walsh sais.

Smooth lines and refined curves is the calling card of furniture which is included in collection Formations. To achieve this effect the master cuts the piece of wood to thin pliable bits and then bends them the way he needs and again assembles thin layers into thick firm elements which he builds his wonderfully beautiful furniture of.

Perhaps exactly this way the bed for modern princess looks…