In the middle of last century the main attributes of fashionable style were sofas with bolster-pillows, round tables, lampshade with tassels and étagère – the construction of shelves on thin legs. In several decades the etageres gave place to more “strict” bookstands and bookcases.

However everything in the world comes back. The renewed etageres look only slightly like before. Owing to the fashion on natural materials their wood structure is emphasized in every possible way.

For ethno style the wooden étagère “decorated” with wicked baskets, pots and boxes can become the key and quite original element of interior of hall, kitchen and even living room. The construction does not take much place and at the same time it is capable and comfortable. With popularity of minimalism in interiors it turned out that the etageres is the variant of furniture which does not burdened with excessive details, looks quite laconic and stylish.

There are thin metal etageres. Their black color reminds about interiors of East where furniture is light and does not fill the space. Such furniture is full of air – one more advantage which becomes determinative if furniture is chosen for the small-size apartment. Shelves crammed with flowers, ceramics and even wicked gripsacks will not take much place but will help to streamline the difficult process of keeping thins.

Étagère can be placed even in the middle of the room, it does not require place near the wall and looks equally well from any side. Placing at any place of the room it will serve for zoning the space dividing it conditionally for working zone and rest zone.

Metal étagère of dark bronze color will become the wonderful supplement of interior in Mauritanian style. The lovers of ascetic and technological interiors will like simple and uncomplicated étagère. “Etageres without legs” – hanging shelves of different constructions are also popular in interior. In the living room such glass multistoried shelf will locate your collection. In the dining room the glassed-in shelf-case will take the small space in the corner and significantly change the placement bringing the element of refinement and luxury in your interior.