Exhibition Workshopped 10 announced the winners of Peoples Choice Awards for their 2010 Exhibition. It took place in August in Sydney as part of Sydney Design.

Adam Cornish got the first prize for Flex Wooden Hammock; Dennis Ablos is awarded with second prize for Turn Table. Chris Hardy with his chair Oru got the third prize. The winners were chosen by the visitors of the exhibition.

Flex Wooden Hammock by designer Adam Cornish which imitates the human spine and its unique range of motion is considered at the same time like a modern alternative to the common cloth hammocks. The hammock is flexible and moulds the form of “wooden cocoon” which cradles the body of the individual user. Wooden Hammock is designed to be manufactured from a standard sheet of plantation grown plywood, maximizing economy of material whilst minimizing the environmental footprint. Adam Cornish completed a degree in Furniture design at RMIT in 2007. Prior to that he studied Industrial Design at University of Technology, Sydney. 

The profile of Turn Table by designer Ablos is based around indissoluble line of paper clip. For the designer, this presented an intriguing balance of form and function. The table is made of one sheet of material: either acrylic or glass or sheet of aluminum. Legs and top of the table are united in elegant form. Dennis studied Industrial Design at the University of Technology, Sydney. In 2005 he graduated with a Bachelor of Design in Industrial Design with First Class Honours and Sub major in Furniture Design.

Simple low chair by designer hardy is produced of recycled materials. It derives a technical aesthetic from the materials and processes required for its manufacture. The simplicity of the design necessitated very careful attention to the visual balance of the individual components while not sacrificing the chair’s comfort. Materials and finishes play a major role in the nature of the design. This version of Oru is made from sustainably managed plantation oak. Chris has worked as a designer in various capacities since 1995. He has a diploma in interior design (1994) and graduated from the University of Canberra’s Industrial Design Degree with Honours (first class) in 1999.

The exhibition Workshopped is passed annually in Powerhouse Museum with the purpose to attract big Australian design on the local and international level and for help to perspective designers.