The decoration of windows determines the interior of placement. Besides habitual curtains and blinds recently the various jalousie – horizontal, vertical, built-in, motorized – got the wide spread in decoration of windows. The modern jalousie often excel the traditional textile for windows in rich choice of textures and shades of material of lamels, long time of serving and practicality.

In horizontal jalousie the lamels are situated parallel to the windowsill and fixed one with another with fosta nylon cord going out from curtain rod where the mechanism is hidden. Depending on material which the lamels are produced of the horizontal jalousie are divided into aluminum, wooden, textile and plastic. The last ones are often set in the kitchen, textile and wooden ones are suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, cabinets – they create very cozy furnishing in the room.

Lamels of vertical jalousie are set perpendicularly to the windowsill being stretched with the lead weight in the lower part (textile lamels) or owing to the texture of the material (plastic or wooden jalousie). Lamels are connected with the chain and fixed to the curtain rod with the special holders. They are moved with the common cord – the elementary mechanism of control. Lamels of vertical jalousie can be wide or narrow. The last ones are very suitable for decoration of windows and the wide ones are good for using them as a room divider.

To settle the problem of washing jalousie the built-in model was worked out. They are made of aluminum and set inside the double-glazing unit and only the system of control is taken out. This is colder office variant which is not suitable for all placements.

If the windows are situated too high and it is not comfortable to come up to them the jalousie with the remote controller is a good decision. Such “clever” jalousie are more expensive but the lovers of comfort and intellectual components of technical equipment of house they are most suitable!