Two charming collections of decorative pillows The stONE collection and tONE collection correspond seamless articles produced of 100% wool of merino and worked out by the Polish design-studio fivetimesone which consists of architectures, designers and just interesting creative people. Drawing inspiration in the nature environment the colleagues intend to open and continue different traditions of European handicrafts and emphasize the attention on the ecological compatibility of created objects.

Nature, variety of traditions and coloring of different regions, people and cultures – all what fascinate and attract attention – find the reflection in art of this creative group of like-minded people.

Impressions, associations, images and fairy tales brought from numerous travels the colleagues transform into new creative conceptions and as a result unique charismatic collections. The subjects worked out with the studio suppose usage of nature organic raw materials pursuing the noble purpose – priority of ecologically steady design on the world market.

The pillows of collection The stone collection imitate the giant sea pebbles. They filler is polyether fibers providing the high level of elasticity and durability of usage. Merino wool is firm and hypoallergic, pleasant for touch (especially in cold winter evenings), “breathe” and have dirt-repellant qualities.

tONE collection – the second collection – tells us about bright colors of nature. These colorful pillows made of the same materials can set the harmonic composition which becomes the bright interior accent.