Matthew Ries is a German designer who produced only functional and interesting elements of interior which has uncommon designer decision.

Recently this inventive master presented his new and uncommon project which got the name “Plus One”. This project corresponds the additional element for keeping which can be easily fixed to some shelf or bookstand. Such additional small shelf is produced of natural wood of maple or walnut. Individually knitted socks for the tube not only protect the surfaces, but add an additional aesthetical level. The idea of creation of such element of interior is original and quality of its fulfillment gladdens.

The shelf will blend with any interior. It has not very big size but allows placing in it the most called-in subjects or those one which you would like to concentrate attention on. It is perfect for when you need a little extra space for your books or accessories. It slings onto the side of any shelving unit and sits comfortably to provide extra storage.

In one placement you will be able to use several such shelves “Plus One” which will make the interior to be unique and unlike to any other ones.

Matthias Ries established Matthias Ries Design Office which operates in the fields of product, graphic and special design. A strong creative network of photographers, graphic designers, stenographers and media artist provide a full service with the assurance of professionalism.