Many people of big cities live in the apartments which have very small size. Everybody wants to furnish their dwelling the way it is cozy and comfortable but not impacted and looking like the furniture storehouse. Owing to this the furniture which includes maximum of functionality and takes minimum of places becomes more and more popular. Furniture-transformer is not only compact and economizes the space wonderfully, excels common furniture in functionality and mobility but also serves the decoration of interior.

There are many variants of transforming furniture. The most transformed element of furniture is the bed. There are sofa-beds (comfortable for the apartment where bedroom and living room is in one placement), bed-wardrobes (in the folded condition the bed looks like the common wardrobe where it is possible to keep bedding), children beds which grow together with their owner.

On the second place are the table-transformers – tables and coffee tables which easily transform into full-fledged dining tables. They can be divided into three groups by the way of transformation: with increasing area of table top, with regulating height of legs and completely transforming tables. The desk which grows together with its owner can turn into full-fledged desk. Table for swaddling transforms into chair and table for feeding. There are a lot of other variants of comfortable and necessary transforming tables.

The stand systems which can be rebuilt when necessary are also popular. Mirrors with hidden cases can help to keep order in bathroom.