Sheep not only give us valuable wool but are also loved very much by Holland designer Christien Meindertsma. Owing to these nice curly animals the girl contrives with her own hands the wonderful knitted furniture, moreover of quite impressive sizes.

Christien looks after her sheep to be sheared, and then she keeps the wool and makes yarn of width of small ropes. And then she weaves of them her unique furniture: wool padded stools, pillows, armchairs, couches…

But the most favorite creations of Christien Meindertsma are the sheep carpets of different colors and sizes. She does not consider her masterpieces to be the full-fledged furniture, – she calls them installations because you can admire them and not only use for their purpose. All this considers all other creations of designer.

Separately from knitted furniture other art-project stands: using the wool of only one sheep the designer makes the warm cozy sweater attaching the certificate of quality and picture of the sheep which presented the consumer with warm clothes.

Christien Meindertsma explores the life of products and raw materials. With her designs Christien Meindertsma aims to regain understanding of processes that have become so distant in industrialization. Her work has been exhibited in MOMA (New York), The V&A (London) and the Cooper Hewitt Design museum (New York). Christien graduated from the Eindhoven Design Academy in 2003.