There are always variants of combining two rooms in one placement. Kitchen can be joint with dining room; cabinet is combined with bedroom or living room – in this case some elements of furniture can be used in several purposes at the same time and the style of decoration of working place should harmonize with the style of bed or furniture set in living room.

Kitchen + dining room: kitchen set with cupboards can be placed in the corner along the walls leaving enough place for small round table.

Dining room + cabinet: this joining is very practical. Furniture should be in one style otherwise the office furniture will prevail making the dining room less cozy. You can also use small serving table for creating more surfaces for necessary things and additional order.

Bedroom + cabinet: in bedroom the office furniture should not glare and divert. The solid partition as a wide bookstand with shelves from floor till the ceiling will be useful in both parts. Instead of partition the light screen can also be used.

Kitchen + dining room: choosing the harmonizing furniture for kitchen and dining room set and taking care that the style of partition joins both zones very cozy placement can be created.

Bedroom + bathroom: usage the partition in his case is obligatory. Furniture for bathroom should be very small and compact but in the case the built-in modules will be the greatest decision.

Kitchen + cabinet: special shelves or cases for documents can be joint with table top or small cupboard with the papers can be placed under the table.