Blandito is innovation and very appropriate for playing creation product which was thought out by the Italian design-studio Oradaria Design. This article will obligatory become the favorite toy and full-fledged part of children or playing room.

According to the designers it is possible to find unbelievable amount of ways of using this merry soft thing! Transforming “pancake” can become small comfortable sofa or soft place for playing of several children. It is also possible to sleep on it being tired after dynamic game – maybe not for a long time but with comfort.

Blandito is produced in three sizes: small, medium and big in which it is possible to cover with the babe for somebody of parents if desirable. For every time you need a break, a snooze, a little bit of sweet idleness, blandito® fits your body, wraps it, hugs it. With no hard structure inside, it is soft and malleable, its covering is completely removable.

The article is suitable for common cleaning in the machine and does not need any additional care. Moreover, “pancake” does not need much place for keeping in folded condition. Of course, small thing but so pleasant!

Ilaria Pacini, Arianna Petrakis and Gloria Pizzilli are Oradaria Design, experimental group based in Florence since 2008. Oradaria’s goal is to perform design, ranging from abstraction to concreteness, through the many forms of it. Design as point of view and unexpected as beauty are the key factors of Oradaria’s formula: from research to innovation, from observation to testing, from communication to product design.