Not long time ago our kitchens had standard sizes and typical planning. In small placements the unsightly kitchen furniture was placed: bulky clumsy and heavy kitchen cupboards and tables which sizes guaranteed the maximal occupation of space with afunctional and unattractive furniture. Into the remained place the refrigerator and cooker were squeezed and as a result there was very little space for eating food.

When people started planning their apartments themselves the useless walls were destroyed and the area of kitchen was increased. At that time in our homes together with zones of cooking appeared the zones of eating – dining rooms the destination of which is to provide the comfortable eating and pleasant time at the table together with family and friends.

In the traditional view the dining zone is table and chairs, sometimes with usage of corner sofa. Choosing the dining set you should be guided by common style and color of working zone and whole interior. For example if kitchen shelves and working surfaces are made in hi-tech style the best variant of dining room furniture will be the glass table and metal chairs. If the main kitchen set is fulfilled in classic style it is best of all to choose the wood table and wood chairs with high backs.

If the area of kitchen is not big there is sense of using tables with regulated height of legs or tables which can be folded depending on the amount of people. You can also choose the corner tables which are fixed to the wall and can be folded to one or two sides.