If you want the perceptible changes in furnishing of your apartment the unique furniture line Sicis Next Art by Italian company Sicis will undoubtedly manage with this matter finding itself even in the most neutral interior. SICIS, the Milan design house, specializes in bringing Italian mosaic art into all forms of interior design. However exotic design of these bright and expressive articles supposes the presence of sense of harmony and style of their owners as obligate condition for fascinating game in images and accents.

These impressive armchairs, chairs and sofas will become the indispensable components in forming of modern interior with elements of glamour and exotic. Any of these articles will successfully play the role of dominant element in furnishing decorated in minimalistic style which will emphasize their individuality best of all.

Sensitive and surrealistic, luxuriate and conceptual – these articles are the real masterpieces combining comfort, functionality and bright refined design.

The uncommon furniture worked out by Italian designer Carla Tolomeo is fulfilled with big attention to details therefore its every part is the result of thin and high-technological work. Tolomeo is a well-known painter and sculptor, whose sculptural objects take the form of chairs and settees and theater sets and other works some would consider to be design.

Parfait Amour (love parfait or perfect love: “parfait” is the French word for perfect, but it is also used for the name of a tall, dreamy dessert), the perfect name for Tolomeo’s divine love chair that she endows with rich textiles, including a mosaic woven textile.