Holland student, future industrial designer Sophie de Vocht is considered to be very perspective and talented lady. Her project of uncommon chair-carpet called Loop Chair wan the Italian furniture company Casamania so much that the firm planned the producing and launching such furniture for next year.

By its appearance Loop Chair practically does not differ from the common armchair but it does not have the second pair of legs. Therefore the armchair lies flat on the floor inviting the guests to follow its example and make themselves comfortable… no, not near it but exactly on it, on the part which is the carpet.

Loop Chair is made of 1000 feet of “yarn” which consists of thick soft cords of red and orange colors which is wrapped around metal net-frame which holds the form of armchair. The uncommon element of furniture is crowned with funny “fantail” of several dozens of loops. They serve as a stand for legs and for beauty of course.

Founded in 1984, Casamania covers the worlds of contract and design with a universe of objects which range from modular systems to seating, lighting and accessories. . Constantly developing whilst catering primarily to home furnishing, Casamania’s products are also suitable for use in contract and offices. Casamania’s offers attractive products, functionally and aesthetically rich and ideal for use in a diverse range of contexts. Casamania has accumulated valuable experience in the accessories sector and particularly for its modular systems, ideal for every situation and every space: whether home, office or shop.