Cabinet, dining room or musical living room – all these placements you can join in one room in the case if you will make the perfect multifunctional table by American studio of design Lovegrove & Repucci to be the central element of its interior.

Elegancy, originality and functionality – these are the component parts which make the invention called Concerto Table to be really unique.

Capacious and comfortable cases allow placing in this white “piano” both office accessories and settings.

In the open condition the table top plays the role of refined element of décor but as soon as you close it the “piano” turns into dining table. While the musical accompaniment of your lunch or dinner will continue. Adapting the visual sensibility of an old baby grand piano, the table cleverly accommodates the issue of the many forgotten piano lessons of youth by providing a docking slot for your iPod. Simply download your favorite music onto your iPod, plug it in and instantly the Concerto Table becomes both dining surface and dinner party background music at once.

The purchasing of this table can transform not only your modern or classic interior but also the working process and also every dinner, lunch or breakfast.

The design collaborative of Lovegrove & Repucci was formed by Nicholas Lovegrove and Demian Repucci in 2003. Their unique brand of design sensibility is a product of combined experience living and working in the United States, the United Kingdom and Europe.