Bar stools is the new trend in interior. Bar and bar stool is inseparable couple. Bar stools came to our homes from bars and became the full-fledged elements of interior.

Bar stools differ by materials of which the frame and sitting is made. Frame (legs, back, base for sitting) can be metal, or made of massive of wood, rattan or high-strength plastic. The sitting can be padded soft or flat hard. Upholstery is not less important than the frame; it is made of textile, leather, or leather-substitute.

The models differ by height, presence or absence of the back and stand for feet. There are models with clear outlines and there are ones which are absolutely opposite to them by style – with classic figurative forms. The stool can have the fixed height or equipped with mechanism for regulating of height. The angle of slope of the back is also different – right or a little rack-back. And there are models without back at all.

Construction, material, color and texture determine the stylish orientation of the chair. The “appearance” of wooden stool will be more suitable for classic kitchen set. The straw sitting is the distinguish element of “summer” kitchen in country style. Red, blue and green colors look organically in interior in modern style. Radical white and black colors blend with modern minimalist interior. Metal bar stool is the best for silver-cold high-tech interior.

Bar stool is relatively cheap element of furniture but they are last and most important feature owing to which the interior gets completeness.