As for the working place for teenager it should be organized ergonomically. Now the most popular orientation is the modular furniture system. Owing to it the teenagers have the possibility to furnish there studios according to their wish.

During studies the main place in the room belongs to the desk. The first in the line is the modular transforming desk. The turning round stand allows transforming the desk and creating working places for several persons. Owing to two elements equipped with the castors, with shelves and roll-out cases, books and papers will always be at one’s fingertips. Absolutely mobile desk can be placed near the window where the illumination is better and hide under the bed during the holidays.

Personal computers, printers, scanners, cameras appear in the houses more and more. It is naturally that teenagers also want to see it in their rooms. Of course for the effective work it is necessary that the equipment is placed in the practical furniture. In the specially projected cupboard there is place for printer, scanner and monitor.

Sitting on the chair which can raise and decrease the person of any height will feel comfortable. It is especially important in the teen ages when the child grows actively. Specially projected sitting of the chair keeps the correct position of spine. In the combination chair and table is a high-ergonomic construction. All the elements necessary for changing information are gathered at one place that creates the optimal working atmosphere.