The modern city space for living is not big as a rule. Exactly because of this you should not disregard small designers’ ruses which on the level of feelings help to increase small rooms of standard apartments. About one of these methods, exactly about using bright color accents in décor of interior, we want to talk now.

Correctly chosen bright colors of the walls are able to “increase” significantly the space of decorated room. At the same time only one wall or its fragment can be bright and expressive. Of course here it is important to know limits and remember about the compatibility of different color combinations.

The ceiling in the small-sized apartments must be very light, desirably white. The furniture should be low for not to fill the space on the level of eyes.

By the way the cold colors of furniture like “move aside” it from the look of inhabitant while the warm colors on the contrary “approach” it. For the soft furniture bright and rich colors are well, of course on the background of calm and monochrome walls.

The floor of the same color as the walls sometimes “increase” the placement very significantly, however the contrast works at the same direction.

Dark colors are desirable to use in only horizontal surfaces giving the dynamic of interior the same horizontal “widening” orientation.

Above the dining table the hanging lightings or decorative chandelier can be placed to focus the attention on this zone.

Curtains in small-sized placements look better made of light half-transparent textile to allow the penetration of natural light.