Art Doors change the conception that the door is just an element of interior intended to fulfill the narrow functional destination. Rare materials and uncommon combinations of textures open unexpected design-possibilities of doors. It turns out that the doors can give any interior expressiveness and character, be real decoration of interior and even its central element. The fans of exclusive interiors will for sure appreciate the possibilities of Art Doors which allow embodying the most extravagant ideas about decoration space.

Artistic beauty of Art Doors is organic even the strictness interiors. It attracts delighted looks, emphasizes the character of owner.

Art Doors are not only beautiful and uncommon but also functional. They can be placed in the partition and any aperture because the height of such doors can exceed significantly the standard sizes.

Texture surface of the door of stone veneer and nature shades of nature stone emphasize the stylistic of the placement effectively.

Doors decorated with the cow skin, zebra or tiger is the actual trend of several seasons. This is the embodiment of primeval desires of the human to decorate his dwelling with the skins of animals killed on the hunting.

Doors of leather create in interior the atmosphere of respectability and luxury. The possibilities of palette from classic white and black till the wonderful drawings of leather of reptiles.

Veneer doors have the high reliability and firmness. They look organic both in interior of city apartment and in refined interior of cottage.