In the modern world the bookcases and shelves are not just comfortable place for keeping favorite books. Modern bookcases can tell about your tastes and preferences even without looking through your literature collection. They combine bright nonstandard design and wonderful functionality. Today bookcases and shelves became really central elements of composition and design of interior.

Recently Marc Newson, famous Australian designer who lives and works in great Britain presented his new original bookcase which got the name Voronoi. The model is made of Carrara marble and visually looks like the porous sponge enlarged many times. The bookcase is fulfilled in minimalism style and distinguishes uncommon “organic” form which was gotten owing the usage of diagram of Voronoi in its design.

Simple natural forms, smooth curves, sleek outlines make the design of this model elegant and stylish.

It is also worth noticing that bookcase Voronoi became the part of exposition of Gargosian gallery in New York.

Marc Newson is one of the most accomplished and influential designers of his generation. He has already worked across a wide range of disciplines to create everything from chairs, household objects, a bicycle and a concept car to restaurants, a recording studio and interiors of private and commercial jets.