The psychologists noticed long ago that different types of people choose different variants of interior. The choleric people try to bring expression to their home and the phlegmatic people on the contrary – provide the maximal comfort. But there are most differences and male and female interior.

So how looks the modern male interior? The forms are rude, the lines are torn. The forged furniture is used actively; the interior is often decorated with big stones, artificial skins of animals. Various fireplaces are also very popular creating the atmosphere of relaxation.

Interior in hi-tech style is also considered to be male. Active using of glass allows creating the feeling of lightness. As a material for decorating inside the placement the designers use glass-blocks, steel frames or details of different mechanisms. Numerous of electronic toys: TV-set, computer, audio- and video-systems create the feeling of being in the world of future. All these achievements of progress are placed in the modern and very stylish entertainment furniture. Dimmed colorful light supplements the uncommon interior.

Some men prefer respectable style. Expensive furniture, simple accessories, active using of natural wood or respectable veneer. Obvious fireplace and heavy cabinet table where the owner likes sitting. You have the impression that you are in the cabinet of company head. Huge soft sofa in the living room is ready to make all guests comfortable and the cabinet has the mini-bar and fireplace.

Male interior is the ideal of thought-out plan which helps his owner in life. There is nothing unnecessary and everything is at fingertips.