It is not very comfortable to sit on the bench in winter when it is cold. But who knows, maybe by summer, or even by spring the project Bench No. 3 by Floris Wubben will not only be realized but also will stand in beauty in the park or alley of some famous megapolis abroad…

This bench is safer for winter sitting than the wooden ones, even not mentioning its concrete or metal brothers. The wavy sitting of Bench No.3 is made of “soft” polypropylene ribbon folded into something like jabot. Then this jabot is fixed with metal shanks to the wooden base, – it can be either picturesque snag or thick log or wooden sculpture. And the creative bench appears.

Why the project got the name Bench No.3 and where are the previous two variants? The Holland author answers that this is not the current number of conceptions but the quantity of materials used for realization of though out project: polypropylene, metal and wood.

By the way, Bench No.3 exists in the only copy and now it is decided if it is possible to produce these articles with industrial methods.

Floris Wubben’s design originates from the experimental power that is experienced. Innovation and creativity form essential ingredients to work on new products as a designer. The designer also develops and applies new materials. Based on the properties of these new materials new designs are created. Nature forms an important inspiration source in adopting materials and creating designs. This is in alignment with the respect for nature and the commodities it provides.