Love is one of the most beautiful and indefinable feelings. It gives you wings to fly, strength to go beyond any obstacles. It makes you become a better person and gives you powers that you have never guessed.

Though it is still far to the St. Valentines day the souvenir shops and trading centers already sell the appropriate goods with the hearts, kisses, angels and other romantic attributes. Romantic mood visited the designer command of Joel Escanola Studio. As a result the “beloved” bench Plastic Love appeared.

Love is the feeling that unites people and makes them become a whole unit. It is a creative, constructive feeling and a very good source of inspiration. Plastic Love Seat is a kind of semicircular bench made if fiber glass. It is red and both ends have the shape of a heart. It may symbolize love, affection and create a wonderful, loving atmosphere. You can create a romantic décor using such a seat for a special Valentine’s Day.

“Hearted” bench only seems to be so fragile and unsteady, maybe it was thought out this way to express the tenderness and fragileness of the moment. It is made of glass fiber and it means that even under the strong heat Plastic Love will not become so hot to burn the sitting.

It may also be used in public places and who knows maybe it can unite two persons who can share the same seat. By the way the size of the bench allows only two people sit on it.

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