Whatever Greenpeace and other nature protectors say the best, the firmest and the most expensive furniture always was, is and will be made of natural wood. Everybody knows that to make the chair, table, bed or armchair the tree should be first planted, then cut down and turned into furniture. The Holland designers Florice Wubben and Bauke Fokkema could “grow”… the real chair. Well, all right, armchair.

Some time ago it was willow. But turning its part upside down and making some manipulations the designer tandem turned the piece of wood into uncommon sitting called Upside Down. The branches of the common tree grow up and of this upside down chair – down. They also interlace into four senseless and very funny legs.

In spite of its seeming fragility and unsteadiness they are able to stand the weight of quite well-fed person, the creators of strange furniture assume. You can be afraid to trust it but if you sit on the wooden sitting the feeling of unity with nature will appear. Like you are sitting on the stump in the forest and listening to the singing of birds. The mass of twigs also makes it look like it’s just growing out of the floor.

This way, the follicles and branches of the trunk were twisted and splinted into place to form four legs and the seat and back are carved from the bole, infusing the chair with a natural tree-like silhouette.

Because of its roughness and awkwardness Upside Down perhaps will be liked by very few fans of uncommon furniture. But for those who aspire to surround themselves only with “natural products” the chair will be very suitable.