French designer Emma Marga Blanche presented these pleated lamps as part of 20 Designers at Biologiska, which she co-curated with Fredrik Färg during Stockholm Design Week.

Called Rhubarb, the lamps are made from folded polypropylene and fan outwards from their bases, creating a cluster of precise but organic forms when positioned together.

The lamps were displayed on circular landings at the Biologiska museum in Stockholm, surrounded by a 360 degree diorama of stuffed animals and sea birds.

A pleated armature, like elegant rhubarb, that grows directly out of the earth. It is a series of lamps made of folded polypropylene which created a light atmosphere of vegetation. Symmetric and organic at the same time.

Emma Marga Blanche is a multidisciplinary design studio focusing on storytelling, innovative and poetic design. French-Swedish designer, born in the eighties and educated in France.

“Design is fantasy, imagination, playfulness and art… it is all about creating a poetic process that give the project/object a story to tell.”

The exhibition, called 20 Designers at Biologiska, was curated by French designer Emma Marga Blanche and Dutch designer Fredrik Färg in collaboration with museum director Lars-Erik Larsson and Hanna Nova Beatrice of Plaza Magazine.