If adult people deny the children to draw on the wall-papers they zealously cover with drawings sofas and refrigerators. If the small artist is not allowed to create there either, tables, floors and mother’s dresses will suffer. For not to allow such deconcentration of home art the designers from Tiang Tiang thought out for small artists the original table Come and Draw. It is possible to draw on it as much as you want!

The table looks like the foliated cake without cream. As the layers, or the flats of shortcake, serve the colorful pages of firm paper like for watercolor painting. Such artistic “cake” will take few place and will look great both in interior of children room and in the corner of living room where the baby can do his thing without bothering the adults but being always in the limelight.

When the lists finish it is always possible to fix the new pack of “flats” for drawing to the wooden base. It is not too money-losing but very original and simple. By the way, if one equips with these tables the waiting rooms in training stations and airports, children corners in big shops and office centers it is possible to economize on the nerves and win on the positive emotions. Children like to draw so much and not always in appropriate places, for example in the albums and notebooks for painting.

Designer of Tian tang Design, Tian is a child designer currently studying at HDK, Gothenburg, Sweden. With a background in Industrial design and User Experience Design, she is now focus on designing for children.