Imagine a network of interactive multimedia beds—located in hotels and airport lounges around the world—that would automatically know your favorite music, your travel schedule and your television preferences.

This furniture is designed with fully high technology features. This is, named after the ancient Roman god of sleep, Somnus-Neu Bed which is designed by Yoo-Pod Ltd. This bed featured a relax, be entertained, connect, create from one point, one location. This bed was designed to create an integration of technology and high design.

This high-tech sleep system (because it sure isn’t a plain old bed) has a drop down HD projection screen and curtains for privacy, wifi and ethernet connection, drivers for iPod hook-up (along with cable tv, dvd, etc.), and LED lighting. And all of that is controlled by two retractable 17-inch touch screen monitors.

But the most remarkable feature of the Somnus-Neu beds is the “data chain” that links them together. The users of Somnus-Neu beds are assigned RFID (radio-frequency identification) cards and granted access to a website where they can input their appointment and travel schedule, contact numbers, meeting notes and media preferences. When users arrive at a Somnus-Neu bed an RDIF card reader determines who they are and downloads their data. So, when you use a Somnus-Neu your bed can automatically play the music you like, wake you for your meetings and inform you of changes in your airline flights.