Cate & Nelson, creative duet from Sweden, recently presented at the exhibition Stockholm Design Week their useful-decorative creation allowing with the new way to look at world, exactly at the reflection of reality. Panorama Chair – this is the window to the real world.

Instead of decorating the back with the different fancifulness and other beautiful things the designers made it looking like a mirror in plastic frame like the entire chair. Now the design of the back will change depending on the place where the chair will stand and what it sees before himself. So, in summer café or on the veranda the chair will be decorated with the panorama of the city or garden, in the apartment – with the view of the living room or children room and in the night club you will get the animated picture filled with flashing lights.

Besides this the ladies will find it very comfortable to use this furniture as a common mirror: set the hair or make-up, look if the lipstick was not blurred and the skirt did not rumple. Besides the mirror Panorama Chair is equipped with soft sitting and this is one more advantage to the karma of the designers of the project.

Cate & Nelson are Swedish/Spanish design studio based in Sweden. Consisting of Cate Hogdahl from Sweden and Nelson Ruiz-Acal from Spain who met while studying industrial design at Instituto Europeo di Design in Madrid, are moved to Sweden to set up cate&nelson design in 2007. The combination of backgrounds, cultures and constant traveling is what influences our projects and make them unique.