Now many designer decisions add up to economizing of space. The designers intend to create the useful and multipurpose projects which allow you economizing place and not to block up the space. There are many variants of multifunctional furniture for any taste and for any interiors.

Recently North-American design-studio TJOKEEFE presented its new original collection of tables which got the name “3:1”. The models are produced in minimalist style and distinguish with simple form, laconic design, clear geometric lines and sharp corners. The main distinguish feature of the presented model is that actually it consists of three angle attached tables which can be used both independently as three distinct side tables in black, white and a super-bright neon yellow and in the set of one construction. The models are acceptable in different colors and variants of decoration. They are produced of stainless steel covered with mat powder paint.

Stylish and practical, elegant and functional tables of collection “3:1” by North-American company TJOKEEFE will blend excellently with any modern interior.

TJOKEEFE is a formal study in geometry. They distill an object down to its essential parts and through small manipulations create something with character. Their goal is to use design efficiently because that is what makes a form most powerful. Their process and the resulting forms are rooted in architecture. Whether two-dimensional or three-dimensional, the office of TJOKEEFE approaches each design problem the same: using the strict parameters of graphics and furniture, we apply simple geometries to produce a distinct design not driven solely by aesthetic, but logic.