Giant pencils are not the next cartoon-horror for modern teenagers and not the computer games with uncommon special effect. This is the fantasy of French designer Philippe Peyridieu who decided that it would be great to hang coats, jackets and hats not on the hooks for clothes but on the aluminum pencils with sympathetic pink erasers on the top. And here it is, – the project called Crayons.

To say the truth we still do not understand how much the system of hangers is comfortable because it has no hooks and the coat is offered to put on the pencil like on the peg. But who knows, maybe this “innovating” of the author will come in fashion soon as the old things which is well-forgotten and we will refuse from the dangerous hooks in the hall for benefit of the safe pegs-pencils…

It is very comfortable to hand hats and scarves on this pegs. Moreover in the bucket where the pencils stand there is enough place for umbrellas also. Design of uncommon rag Crayons is a little childish but in the appropriate interior it will look very nice.

Philippe Peyridieu founded Banal Extra in 2000. The aim of the company is to offer everyday objects with a precise line of action: To extract a hidden extraordinary component from everyday moments. To grasp the poetic, the fun and the irony that accompanies a banal function, and make it into a fine product. A basic component of our designs is creativity, thus making essential a direct contact with our manufacturers. This choice also contributes to having a quality object made in fair work conditions.