Italian designer Fabio Novembre will present this robot-shaped shelving unit for design brand Casamania in Milan next month. Called Robox, the shelves have a picture frame at the top and a red box representing the robot’s heart.

Maybe a day someone would say that Robox represents my cubist period or that the edge solution has been the trick to find out the “right way” after the hyperboles and parabola of designer’s work. From Mazinga to the Transformers the boys of my generation had always have a robot on their side and I was searching for a new function able to justify still its presence next to my desk.

The simple change of a consonant reveals the inclusive attitude of this new domestic hero: a device with a heart, an hard-disk pre-digital where store our memories.

Freestanding bookshelf in polished metal is 78 cm height x 31 cm depth x 184 cm width. It is available in different colors all with red heart.

Fabio Novembre – an avant-guard Italian architect and designer – opened his own studio in Milan in 1994. From 2000 until 2003 he worked as Art Director at Bisazza, contributing in the international growth of the mosaic tile brand. Since 2001 he works for Italian design brands such as Cappellini, Driade, Meritalia, Flaminia, Casamania. In 2008, on behalf of the Municipality of Milan, the Rotonda di Via Besana museum houses an exhibition about his work, “Teach me the freedom of swallows”. In 2009, the Triennale Design Museum of Milan, has invited Novembre to curate and design an exhibition on his work: “Il fiore di Novembre”. In 2010 the City of Milan is represented by an installation that he designs and curates, in the Pavilion of Italy at Expo in Shanghai.