To move the walls apart, to lift the ceiling, to add life, moving and create multi-dimensional space – all this always actual stripes can do which ca become your magic instrument in forming of interior of any placement.

There any many ways to “make into bars” the room or its fragments. The simplest of them are wall-papers and paints. You can also use films, decorative shelves, textile and wall panels of various materials.

Correctly chosen direction, color, concentration and place of stripes will help the room to change the proportions visually and place the necessary accents. The vertical stripe enlarges the height of ceiling and wide contrast stripes on one of the walls will make the placement more spacious creating the feeling of decorative “screen” which hides the continuation of the room.

The horizontal stripe widens the space and makes it dynamic. At the same time “soft” or contrast two-colored stripes give the placement the geometric and style and motley, colorful and different sized lines bring you to the whirlwind of emotions and feelings.

To make the comparison of the same combinations of the vertical location then two-colored not very narrow stripes look elegant and give the rhythm to the placement while colorful stripes and ones of different size create the deepness and volume. Well, the wavy lines create the fantastic illusions.

Traditional classic or any of modern styles will become the gratifying context for vertical and horizontal stripes, which form, color, location and direction can be variated according to the conditions of placement and individual preferences.