It is possible to love and care and give presents not only to the beloved girl-friend. Many car-lovers do the same with their four-wheeled metal babies, especially if this babe belongs to the category of retro-cars, for example Fiat 500 produced in the middle of last century. To allow the fans of retro-cars being always with their favorite car even there where it is necessary to go by foot the marketing department of Fiat company presented by the director Lapo Elkann and in collaboration with the famous furniture producer, Italian company Meritalia launched the series of car retro-furniture for picnic called Fiat 500 Design Collection.

Design-collection of furniture consists of three positions: auto-table (Picnic), auto-sofa (Panorama) and mini auto-bar (Cheers). To say the truth, it is a little difficult to distinguish the table from the mini-bar until you look under the table top made of thick glass and find there the accurate capacious stand for alcohol. Besides that, in contrast to the table and sofa, mini-bar has no wheels. Perhaps that none of the participants of the picnic decides to take the alcohol far from everybody to enjoy it alone or in other company.

Table and sofa, besides the wheels made of black polyurethane are equipped with small legs made of the same thick and transparent glass as the table tops for more stability. The sittings for sofa “Panorama” are made of leather painted in the national colors of Italy. However, according to the desire of the customer, it can be also textile, and also of any other color.

It is known, that recently the collection was presented in Italy at the exhibition Milan International Furniture Fair. The authors-producers of furniture consider their project to be the sign of respect to those who created Fiat 500 in far 1957 – 1975 and in honor of that the sign “Lapo and Meritalia pay tribute to the Fiat 500” is fixed to every article.