Italian design studio AltaModa worked out several impressive conceptions of children rooms which include furniture, suggestions about the décor of placement and many elements of interior. Intriguing names of the collections – “Moby”, “Lolita”, “Spirit”, “Willy”, “Denim” – open the doors to the world of fascinating adventures, associations and creative game.

Universal and eclectic collection “Denim” for which the determination “luxury” is most acceptable is presented both for girls and for boys of teen and youth ages. The contrast combination of deep rich colors with snow-white context, effective accessories and elements of furniture create cozy atmosphere combining the features of timing periods and styles.

“Moby” is interior line which interprets in cartoons the subject of famous book by German Melville “Moby-Dick, or The Whale” based on the shades of sea and sky. The illustrations of colorful whales and charming soft toys on the background but calming combination of blue and white create merry positive atmosphere of the room for the boy.

Tender white-pink collection “Lolita” presents the “buduar” interior of girls’ rooms in the modern interpretation.

For creation of collection “Spirit” the designers were inspired with the traditions of British horse sport. This fascinating and very stylish interior will become the favorite room for future gentlemen.

The retro-line “Willy” devoted to the history of aviation is fulfilled in cool white-blue shades and also does not leave any doubts in its intention. Small dreamers and future travelers will be able to feel the real men – explorer of clouds.