As it is known to everybody any color has its own impact on human. The information transmitted from color to us through special signals is perceived by our brain on subconscious level. Sometimes we even can not imagine that this or that color influences on our mood positively or negatively. Such kinds of transmissions occur very quickly without taking into account our desire. Associations concerning the colors actually are put into us on genetic level in “ancestor’s memory” as it is called! After these associations our own recollections are appearing. The color opportunities are almost infinite. They can call not only negative or positive emotions but also they can make you feel cold or warm atmosphere in home or the illusion of big or small space. The main colors of spectrum are divided into one and half million of shades and colors which can be perceptible by our eyes. The main division of spectrum is going on in the zone of green color – the differentiation between cold and warm parts. The warm part comprises of red and yellow tinges and the cold one is divided into green and blue tinges. The temperature of green color is determined by yellow or blue colors content in it. The yellow-green color promotes interior’s reviving reminding of young grass illuminated with spring sunlight and blue-green color – the color of marine waves calm and freshen the atmosphere. Green colors and tinges are always quiet that is why they relax us and save from tiredness. Green color – is the color of relaxation. The comfort is set up by warm colors in home interior. Shaded colors tope up and further meditative thinking. When we are surrounded by such colors it is easy to think for us. The yellow color stimulates us, orange topes up and the red color is close to effect of excitement and aggression. The red color is known for its irritation features that is why it is used in corrida for bull’s aggression call. The color of fire inspires a human with strength, confidence and gladness however it calls irritation and weary very quickly when it is used in too big amounts. Little accents of red color add cheerfulness and good mood to furniture. The yellow color – is the sunlight color featuring easiness and airy accents. This color has been personifying wealth (the color of gold) from ancient times till now and in eastern countries this color is the symbol of grandeur and eternity. Yellow develops cheerful and optimistic mood and it wonderfully harmonizes with almost all other colors in home interior. Sunlight warm shades do not create any negative sensation for people. The orange color formed through yellow and red colors mixing carries with it the light and warmth. In eastern religion Buddhism the orange color symbols enlightenment and holiness. It is reasonable to use orange shades in northern rooms where the sunlight looks in rarely. This method of color usage will help to create warm and comfort atmosphere in such kinds of rooms. The blue color is the color of scope, sky and quietness that gives you opportunity to concentrate upon something. Conflicts and arguments will pass more gently when surrounded by blue colored walls and moreover this color as if softens the corners of the room. Satiating itself with and getting dark the blue color transforms into dark blue color which is very cold and which features tranquility and serious look. This color symbols infinity and perfection which is to make somebody think and absorb into reflections. However it is worth to know that abundant usage of dark blue in interior can suppress but mild tinges of dark blue and sky blue in combination can bring coolness into southern hot rooms. The purple color is the most discrepant color combining with it as cold so as hot colors something like the combination of “ice and flame”. This mysterious color has appeared in art comparatively recently. It was not known nor to ancient human nor to clever Greeks. Purple color symbolizes spiritual sufferings in Christianity. It is very compound and of many faces color. It is recommended to limit the application of dark and dense tinges of purple color in interior. However light subdued shades of purple color can add refinement and definite style to interior. Talking about white color we can say that it is versatile color. It harmoniously combines with other colors adding the feeling of festive occasion. White color makes the effect of purity and state of weightlessness in a room. On the white background any kind of furniture and any accessory look wonderfully. If it is possible to name white color the aggregate combination of all seven colors of spectrum then black color is apparently the absence of some color. However there is no substitute colors to black color because it can with contrast emphasize and mark out other colors giving them brightness if it is necessary. Many people consider the grey color to be inexpressive! It is told the grey world is boring and monotonous. And it is very wrong to think like this! Grey color tinges in combination with other colors will introduce tranquility and business atmosphere to the office interior. And the tinges of nobleness will be added by this combination into the living area. While making ornament do not forget to take into account southern and northern sides of your apartment or home in order not to make the room turned towards the North more colder and the room turned to the South more hotter! The “climate” in your home will depend upon the color palette you choose!