The rug has been a part of interior design for generations, and it’s usually a safe bet for bringing any room together. But you don’t want to just be “safe” with your design, do you?

Rectangular rugs are safe, no doubt about it. There are some stunning ones available, featuring florals, geometric patterns, swirls, colors. A rectangular rug will always fit your room, so there’s no worrying about positioning or spacing. It’s a natural fit. Not so the circular rug.

A circular rug needs coaxing to look great, but if you get the sweet spot with positioning, color, pattern and texture, it will make your room pop.

Circle rugs are great for small spaces, as they open up a room. If the rug you choose is a bolder color than the colors around it, it will draw the eye inward, away from the walls, and make the space appear larger than it is.

Circles have no edges, no boundaries. They represent infinity, and when incorporated into a space, this sensation of never-ending form will permeate the atmosphere.

If you wish to find a location in your house in which a round rug will appear elegant, look at your foyer. Positioning rugs within an area such as the front door of your house demonstrates much thought has gone into that first impression of family and friends whenever they enter your house.
Think about adding a circular rug underneath a sofa to pull it, visually, away from the wall and move it towards the center of the room. Or, you can add a circular rug to the center of a room for a great, eye-catching symmetry.

The possibilities are as endless as the edge of a circle.